ALL4PROJECTS provides assistance in the implementation of technical projects by Project Management and Test Management

Technical projects are often marked by a high complexity that results from technical necessities on the one hand but also from the number and heterogeneous nature of the partners and businesses involved. It is this particular constellation that calls for a project management to pursue the overall target and, in case of a large project, systematically bring together the individual lines of development of the project partners involved. This particular task requires deeper technical understanding so as to detect potential breaking points and technical risks early on and then generate and take adequate counter-measures.

Conception, coordination, and implementation of technical (often dynamic) tests make similar demands on test management as regards technical expertise and the coordination between project partners. Moreover, comprehensive experience in the fields of different testing standards and the analysis and documentation of test results is indispensable.

With my long-term experience in these fields I will gladly support you in realizing your technical projests and tests!

For attaining your aims I additionally provide technical support in the modelling of technical systems as well as their simulation and analysis. The services offered are complemented by software development  (Python, Matlab, Smalltalk).

Project highlights:

  • Conception, planning and implementation of:
    • Structure tests on large aircraft structures for FEM validation at ETS test institute (Noordwijk, NL)
    • Structure tests on cargo pallets and -containers at ETS test institute (Noordwijk, NL)
    • Pressure tests on an air cargo door at IABG, Lichtenau
  • Definition of testing standards for the qualification of components of aircraft cabins
  • Design and manufacturing of transport racks for aircraft components and satellites
  • Multi-project management in view of a commercial experiment- and instrumentation software
  • Design, layout, and commissioning of a high-precision pellet mill
  • Load calculations for aircraft loading systems on the basis of reduced multi-body systems
  • Computation- and optimization software for installation of aircraft doors
  • Automated documentation of tests
  • Extended test analysis on the basis of high-speed videos