ALL4PROJECTS supports and consults you in the digital transformation and improvement of your organization

These days and more than ever before, enterprises have to consistently optimize their organization and structure while reassessing their business areas. This is done either in small, gradually evolving steps or as a big-bang event where in one swoop a complete enterprise is turned upside down. Howsoever you are going to keep the pot boiling: your staff must be involved in the change and the new organizational structure has to go well with employees, products, and the company.

I shall be pleased to assist you in the development of your company in different agile roles!

Project highlights:

  • Digital transformation of large enterprises (telecommunication- and insurance sector)
    • Consulting as Agile Coach and Scrum Master
    • Implementation of workshops on the definition of objectives and iterative procedures
    • Assistance in continuous improvements
  • Assistance in the reorganization and digital transformation of a technical-test provider company
    • Workshop on stocktaking and target definition
    • Consulting and coaching in view of meeting the target
    • Continuous improvement of short- and medium-term planning of test- and staff deployment
    • Implementation of digital processes for automating test documentation and test evaluation