Technical expertise
meets empathetic project management

The development of technical, especially mechatronic systems and products as well as the solution of technical challenges require the cooperation of a large number of developers from different disciplines, often also with colleagues from the production, marketing, and sales departments.

The present economic situation necessitates overall cost savings as well as more efficient and faster development processes. Efficient project teams in particular have a key role to play in fulfilling these demands. More often than not, however, project teams are formed for technical reasons only. 

As a rule, the atmosphere in a team and the interaction between its members are regarded as unimportant. The same applies to the balance between information exchange and competition between different departments (there may even be a collision of interests). Yet, these are the key factors that make a team successful in the first place, presumed technical expertise notwithstanding. 

At this point ALL4PROJECTS comes into play and combines technical expertise with empathic project management.