ALL4PROJECTS supports project teams 

during the development of mechatronic and technical products.  

Coordination of Technical Projects and Consulting

The services offered comprise the following issues:
  • Agile project management
  • Project planning incl. budgeting
  • Project monitoring in a staff position resp. on site
  • Project coordination, project controlling and project tracing
  • Organisation of meetings (e.g., video and telephone conferences) 
  • Organisation of information exchange and communication between project partners
  • Coordination of several service providers on customer order

Projects often have in common that a client assigns several companies or different departments to solve a technical challenge. Such a constellation requires a person who, in addition to solving parts or all of the technical challenge, will pursue the overall goal by integrating the individual development lines of the project partners involved. In general these services can be considered as an external "Project Management Office".

Support and Consulting of Project Teams

The services offered aim at supporting the client in the management of technical projects, with the focus on the project teams gaining in efficiency as a result of improved communication. For this purpose three different levels of services are offered:

  1. Analysis of project teams and project meetings incl. strategic recommendations
  2. Continuous increase in project teams’ efficiency
  3. Special project monitoring in technically and economically “critical projects”

The client can order one or several of the services according to his best interests.